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Things have been so busy lately! This last week was very productive, on Wednesday was the big recital for my students, which went really well. Everyone sounded great, I was so proud of all of their hard work!

Thursday was the curriculum test for Kung Fu. It's sort of like comps, the test lasted about 4 hours. It's pretty much non-stop cardio. We did so many jump kicks, and my left ankle is messed up so I could only jump off my right leg. So that was fantastic. Overall it went really well though.

Saturday I did my sparring test. I was supposed to do it this coming Thurs, but I have an audition for Annapolis Opera so they let me test early. The sparring went as well as could be expected, Shi-fu Chris put me in a chokehold and Shi-fu Dale threw me a couple of times, once onto my face, so that was fun. I took a really hard hit to my upper boob area, and I am pretty sure it dislocated my shoulderblade. Yes, from the front it did something to my shoulderblade. I think I just got it to pop back in on my balance ball. I was rolling around on my front and I heard a huge pop, so hopefully that means something good... The bad news is, Master Brown might make me fight again because only 10 or so people showed up to fight Melissa and I for our make-up. I think Shi-fu Dale should count as at least 4 people, but oh well. So hopefully Master Brown will forget about it and I will be able to graduate on the 9th without any extra fighting. I'll keep you posted constant readers!


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