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camping is awesome!!
Our camping trip was soooo much fun!

Here are the poetry contest entries that I have been meaning to post, please to enjoy:

Away at KOA by David McGinnis

Away, Away, KOA

Smokey fire on a Ridge

On Jenni's birthday

To Natural Bridge

Untitled Haiku by Bill Brown

Majestic Ostrich

Struts as it's cresting the hill

You go Ostrich man!

Untitled Haiku by Colleen N.

Camel, wooly hair

Like a sheep, but yours is brown

um soft, it is good.

The next two tied for first place!

Untitled by Craig M.

Natural Bridge

By the babbling brooke

Down the hill

From the Gift Center's short order cook,

People come from all around

Just to learn

How Creation went down.

Ode to a Giraffe by Charlotte McGinnis

To behold a gem,

Giraffe is longing to eat,

Saliva abounds.

Hope you all enjoy these, I will be scanning and posting the coloring contest pictures shortly once I can find a place to host them. :)

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