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Camping, capitol tour
How exciting! I had no idea livejournal had added schools! They even had my kindergarden. So that's kind of neat. I hope Brian Rhinehardt gets in touch, I had such a crush on him in 6th grade and I never got to see how he turned out. hmmm...
In other news Kit's dad took us to a private tour of the capital building! It was awesome, we got to climb up in the dome! and go out on the roof! We also got to see the speakers office and go out on the floor of the house so that was cool. The coolest part was looking at the apotheosis, which is like the roof of the rotunda. It has a really cool painting with different gods and goddesses showing different aspects of american life. Like neptune holding a telegraph wire. and the celing is full of weird portholes like in "Valmont" so you can lift them and peek through. It's awesome! I even got congressional juice (apple) from the speaker's fridge! And I sat on the same chair as Truman. Anyhoo, good weekend! :)
Oh, and I havn't talked about the camping trip B and I took last weekend!!! We went to Harper's Ferry. I was really concerned about being cold so I packed like 100 blankets, and fleece pants and a puffy vest and all sorts of things! I didn't need them, just a sweatshirt. B and I still have to fight it out for uno champion of the world, but I won at battleship. I put all my boats but the small one in the corner. heh. We also hiked to Jefferson rock (beautiful!) went to the flea market (creepy but got some cool stuff, too much confederate flag action) hiked bolivar hights (civil war trench), went to charlestown races (cool, but now it has 40 of our dollars) looked at the town and shopped, and rode horses on a trail! Mine ran 2 times, and it was a little scary but cool. He also didn't like staying on the trail and kept leading the other horses astray. The campsite wasn't that great, but the tent was awesome! I can't wait to go to nat. bridge and use it there! We were on a hill here so I kept rolling into the wall. An animal sniffed me in the night!!! I think we scared each other. All in all a great trip, I want to go back to go tubing this summer. Hopefully we can bring Patrick without him getting linched. Then again, I don't know how outdoorsy he is. Anyhoo, ttfn!


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