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uh oh.
I'm dogsitting with Maxi and the new dog bandit, and today, thankfully, is my last day. Bandit is very very puppy. She ate ear medicine, a remote contol, a barette, threw up at 4 in the morning and now has tapeworms, which can be observed wiggling in her stool. And I wasn't even here a week. I can't wait to go to the new dog's house! She seems almost comatose, which is the way I like it. I hope I don't get tapeworms. The internet says that is unlikely, but who knows with my medical issues lately. My achilles tendon feels better, but I have cold 2 in 3 weeks, and I may have cracked a rib. In yoga. Because I havn't been working out and now I am an old out of shape powderpuff. This cold isn't as bad though thankfully.
In other news B and I took a really fun trip to NYC last weekend! We saw "spelling bee" which is a musical not an actual spelling bee. It was very cute and funny. I was hoping Leaf Coneybear would win, but alas. The best number was "my unfortunate erection" the whole show was very good and made me want a juice box. We also got to go to chinatown which was cool, but much shadier than I thought it would be. Women come up to you and whisper "chanelpradaversace" and expect you to go to some back room to buy illegal purses. I was like, no thanks, I just want one of those lucy cats. I got a pink one. We also went to the empire state building, which is exceedingly unpleasant in Februrary. And we went on a backstage tour of Wicked where you don't actually go backstage. yhea. The costume construction was neat though. Anyhoo, that's about it! Being self employed rules!! later!


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