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Writer's Block: Planet's Rights
How do you feel about Pluto's recent demotion? Should it still be a planet?
I do believe Pluto should be a planet. Demotions shouldn't be allowed. Besides, it will screw up astrology.

Things have been so busy lately! This last week was very productive, on Wednesday was the big recital for my students, which went really well. Everyone sounded great, I was so proud of all of their hard work!

Thursday was the curriculum test for Kung Fu. It's sort of like comps, the test lasted about 4 hours. It's pretty much non-stop cardio. We did so many jump kicks, and my left ankle is messed up so I could only jump off my right leg. So that was fantastic. Overall it went really well though.

Saturday I did my sparring test. I was supposed to do it this coming Thurs, but I have an audition for Annapolis Opera so they let me test early. The sparring went as well as could be expected, Shi-fu Chris put me in a chokehold and Shi-fu Dale threw me a couple of times, once onto my face, so that was fun. I took a really hard hit to my upper boob area, and I am pretty sure it dislocated my shoulderblade. Yes, from the front it did something to my shoulderblade. I think I just got it to pop back in on my balance ball. I was rolling around on my front and I heard a huge pop, so hopefully that means something good... The bad news is, Master Brown might make me fight again because only 10 or so people showed up to fight Melissa and I for our make-up. I think Shi-fu Dale should count as at least 4 people, but oh well. So hopefully Master Brown will forget about it and I will be able to graduate on the 9th without any extra fighting. I'll keep you posted constant readers!

We're in... Delaware...
So, our camping trip to Assateague got completely frozen out. Camping out on the beach overlooking the atlantic ocean in 20-40 degree weather, yhea, that might happen. So instead we went to... Delaware. Wilmington was ok, the art museum was great! The natural history museum was so-so. The super awesome shopping area right on the waterfront was a total bust, most of them had gone out of business. Oh well. Delaware park was ok, we played some slots, but the ponies weren't running. Mostly we just ate. Which was fine. We did get to go see Blades of Glory, which was awesome! Today on the way back we stopped at the Plumpton Park Zoo, which I would definitely visit again. Highlights were the Muntjac, the angry Camel, and the Peacock that was trying to mate. Please to enjoy this slideshow of our trip:

(no subject)
Does anybody know where I can get a tranqulizing dart gun? Because I'm going to need it for my friday night class. Maybe I will check ebay...

camping is awesome!!
Our camping trip was soooo much fun!

Here are the poetry contest entries that I have been meaning to post, please to enjoy:

Away at KOA by David McGinnis

Away, Away, KOA

Smokey fire on a Ridge

On Jenni's birthday

To Natural Bridge

Untitled Haiku by Bill Brown

Majestic Ostrich

Struts as it's cresting the hill

You go Ostrich man!

Untitled Haiku by Colleen N.

Camel, wooly hair

Like a sheep, but yours is brown

um soft, it is good.

The next two tied for first place!

Untitled by Craig M.

Natural Bridge

By the babbling brooke

Down the hill

From the Gift Center's short order cook,

People come from all around

Just to learn

How Creation went down.

Ode to a Giraffe by Charlotte McGinnis

To behold a gem,

Giraffe is longing to eat,

Saliva abounds.

Hope you all enjoy these, I will be scanning and posting the coloring contest pictures shortly once I can find a place to host them. :)

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Sleepy doo survey
Small Animal Survey!!!
What kind of small animal are you?Hamster
How old are you?7 months
Where did your owner get you?Petco
Do you have any other animal friends living with you?no
If so, what kinds of animals?
Whats your favorite food?Strawberry yoghurt treats
Do you like to be held?sometimes
Do you poop and pee a lot?yes
Do you love your owners?yes!
Are you overweight?no, I am robust
Do you like to get baths?not really
Have you ever??????
Have you ever bitten your owner?yes
If so, why?I was nervous when I first came home
Have you ever met another animal like you?yes
Have you ever pee'd on you owner? hahayes
Have you ever been outside?no
Have you ever eaten grass?no


llama song!
Go check this out!!! http://poqbum.com/LlamaSong/ You won't be disapointed!!

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Your results:
You are Superman
Green Lantern
The Flash
Wonder Woman
Iron Man
You are mild-mannered, good,
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Camping, capitol tour
How exciting! I had no idea livejournal had added schools! They even had my kindergarden. So that's kind of neat. I hope Brian Rhinehardt gets in touch, I had such a crush on him in 6th grade and I never got to see how he turned out. hmmm...
In other news Kit's dad took us to a private tour of the capital building! It was awesome, we got to climb up in the dome! and go out on the roof! We also got to see the speakers office and go out on the floor of the house so that was cool. The coolest part was looking at the apotheosis, which is like the roof of the rotunda. It has a really cool painting with different gods and goddesses showing different aspects of american life. Like neptune holding a telegraph wire. and the celing is full of weird portholes like in "Valmont" so you can lift them and peek through. It's awesome! I even got congressional juice (apple) from the speaker's fridge! And I sat on the same chair as Truman. Anyhoo, good weekend! :)
Oh, and I havn't talked about the camping trip B and I took last weekend!!! We went to Harper's Ferry. I was really concerned about being cold so I packed like 100 blankets, and fleece pants and a puffy vest and all sorts of things! I didn't need them, just a sweatshirt. B and I still have to fight it out for uno champion of the world, but I won at battleship. I put all my boats but the small one in the corner. heh. We also hiked to Jefferson rock (beautiful!) went to the flea market (creepy but got some cool stuff, too much confederate flag action) hiked bolivar hights (civil war trench), went to charlestown races (cool, but now it has 40 of our dollars) looked at the town and shopped, and rode horses on a trail! Mine ran 2 times, and it was a little scary but cool. He also didn't like staying on the trail and kept leading the other horses astray. The campsite wasn't that great, but the tent was awesome! I can't wait to go to nat. bridge and use it there! We were on a hill here so I kept rolling into the wall. An animal sniffed me in the night!!! I think we scared each other. All in all a great trip, I want to go back to go tubing this summer. Hopefully we can bring Patrick without him getting linched. Then again, I don't know how outdoorsy he is. Anyhoo, ttfn!

uh oh.
I'm dogsitting with Maxi and the new dog bandit, and today, thankfully, is my last day. Bandit is very very puppy. She ate ear medicine, a remote contol, a barette, threw up at 4 in the morning and now has tapeworms, which can be observed wiggling in her stool. And I wasn't even here a week. I can't wait to go to the new dog's house! She seems almost comatose, which is the way I like it. I hope I don't get tapeworms. The internet says that is unlikely, but who knows with my medical issues lately. My achilles tendon feels better, but I have cold 2 in 3 weeks, and I may have cracked a rib. In yoga. Because I havn't been working out and now I am an old out of shape powderpuff. This cold isn't as bad though thankfully.
In other news B and I took a really fun trip to NYC last weekend! We saw "spelling bee" which is a musical not an actual spelling bee. It was very cute and funny. I was hoping Leaf Coneybear would win, but alas. The best number was "my unfortunate erection" the whole show was very good and made me want a juice box. We also got to go to chinatown which was cool, but much shadier than I thought it would be. Women come up to you and whisper "chanelpradaversace" and expect you to go to some back room to buy illegal purses. I was like, no thanks, I just want one of those lucy cats. I got a pink one. We also went to the empire state building, which is exceedingly unpleasant in Februrary. And we went on a backstage tour of Wicked where you don't actually go backstage. yhea. The costume construction was neat though. Anyhoo, that's about it! Being self employed rules!! later!


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